Grizzly Bear V The Knife – Heartbeats On A Knife (Parrka)

Last year I featured a mash-up by Sam Flanagan that pitched the Stone Roses ‘Waterfall’ with Lily Allen’s ‘LDN’. It was hugely impressive with Allen’s giddy vocals perfectly matched by the Roses shimmering chords. When they work mash-up’s can be exhilarating, all the more so if you like the songs being used. Parrka has worked wonders with these two tunes. You’ll more likely know the Jose Gonzalez version of ‘Heartbeats’, which stripped away the electronica but there is much to saviour in the original. Grizzly Bear’s ‘The Knife’ is an altogether softer anthem that benefits from getting roughed up a bit by the industrial beats. Initially the lumbering texture might confuse but careful attention reveals a near perfect symmetry between the opposing forces. KD

Grizzly Bear V The Knife – Heartbeats On A Knife (Parrka)

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Watch The Video To The Knife’s Heartbeats

Watch The Video To Grizzly Bear’s Knife

More Info: Grizzly Bear & The Knife
Buy Album: [UK] Deep Cuts [US] Deep Cuts
Buy Album: [UK] Yellow House [US] Yellow House
Year: 2007

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  1. September 18, 2007

    you pointed out the <>industrial beats<> – which hold up the whole song. left to exist in their own, those airy vocal harmonies would drop dead in a heartbeat. but the beats could be their own song. this track is so lyrically vague, one can then direct more concentration at their dancing shoes. I can’t dance, but this song has me thinking I can. lol.

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