Decoder Ring – Fractions

This record sounds out of time as if jettisoned in from the previous decade. It is the sound of This Mortal Coil, Slowdive, Lush or (dare I say it) Cock Robin at their most effervescent. The truth is that it was only created in 2005 by Sydney 6-piece Decoder Ring for their 3rd album. The year before the band had penned the music to Aussie film ‘Somersault’ which was universally acclaimed and scooped the band an Australian Film Institute soundtrack of the year award. ‘Fractions’ builds so incrementally you could be genuinely jolted when it finally bursts into life with softly flickering guitars and torrential electronics filling the air like a million butterflies. The effect is spine tingling, made all the more alluring by lead singer Lenka Kripac’s smouldering vocals. The most forward thinking record to take you back for quite some time. KD

Decoder Ring – Fractions

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Year: 2005

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