Film School – Two Kinds

It hasn’t been the best of years for San Francisco’s Film School. They say bad things happen in three’s and so over a period of just 12 months the band has had to endure the departure of several members (including guitarist Nyles Lannon), Greg Bertens’ mugging and also having their tour van stolen. Probably not the best run in for a 3rd album but indications are that ‘Hideout’ is set to be a cracker. ‘Lectric’ has already done the rounds on the blogs and is a fantastically retro shindig that recalls many of the highlights from last year’s self-titled LP. ‘Two Kinds’ is less pronounced but all the more precious for it. For once the instrumentation is held in check, an organ provides a Cure like atmosphere while Bertens vocals are allowed space to prove how sweet they really are. ‘Hideout’ was released last week and includes a contribution from Colm O’Ciosoig of My Bloody Valentine fame (in training for the mooted new album?). KD

Film School – Two Kinds

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Year: 2007

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