The Zebras – You Look Ready

I was surprised at how less than chaotic Brisbane felt when we dropped by there a couple of years ago. Despite being one of Australia’s bright lights it’s got a certain rural feel to it, something that the big casino or the man made beach can’t camouflage. Couldn’t pick out a discernible scene either so it comes as all the more surprising that a band as perfect as the Zebras should be born there. Jangle is their weapon of choice and boy are they able to nail a killer tune. Their songs are generally fitted with oodles of chiming chords and seaside buckets stuffed with playful harmonies. ‘You Look Ready’ is a case in point, a short yet extremely pleasant exercise in why indie pop will always have an adoring audience. As fizzy as pop has a right to be. KD

The Zebras – You Look Ready

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Buy Album: Worry A Lot
Year: 2006

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