Channel One – These Roads

If one was into shoddy category’s for the forthcoming HWCH showcase you could easily lump this lot in with the interesting yet slightly headache inducing Twinkranes and the similarly tailored side project inspired Neosupervital. Channel One aren’t always noisy but are genetically programmed to create avalanches of electronically derived pulses. Thankfully somewhere along the way they always see fit to include a hook. The Channel One express has been on the go for 5 years now and they have built up a fair amount of glowing local press. Indications are that they are beginning to prick up some ears from further afield but it is slow progress. ‘These Roads’ is laden with influences from David Byrne to Krautrock and straight back home again to My Bloody Valentine. It’s a full on aural assault that starts out with fast tracked guitar parts and ends up in a quickly advancing flow of molten beats. KD

Channel One – These Roads

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Year: 2007

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  1. September 19, 2007

    from aural assault to molten beats, very cool, I can imagine that…scary.this MP3 delivers…

  2. September 19, 2007

    The Channers are great alright!Good live too!

  3. Nick
    September 19, 2007

    I bet. that song would sound great live, and loud.they left in the <>accented 2nd beat<> in the 8 count – that electronic cymbal. seems to throw the beat off balance, in a good way.

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