6pm – Crossfading Natures

Flippin heck, I’ve just spent the guts of half an hour trying to find a place online that stocks 6pm’s ‘Far From Perfect’. Ok, the beast that is itunes seems to have it but I don’t feel like going through a computer crash this evening. The reason I am so determined to find a source for this album is because it’s pretty ace and deserves to get a decent airing outside of its native Spain. ‘Far From Perfect’ is a rambling experimental juggernaut that also bursts forth with freshly prepared pop tunes. The vocals and general demeanour is that of a Scandinavian product (Iceland territory, Leaves-que) but that might be just be a general feature of voices that don’t have English as their natural tongue. ‘Homemade Screener’ is the obvious lead single but if you look beyond the initial pleasures there are some gorgeously unwieldy affairs that will linger longer in the memory. ‘Crossfading Natures’ is one such, always seductive it grows with every listen to become at some point down the line a handsome treat. Damn you google, why are you failing me now? KD

6pm – Crossfading Natures

Watch The Video To Homemade Screener

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Year: 2006

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