The Wonder Stuff – Can't Shape Up

‘Never Loved Elvis’ was their biggest success but for me the quintessential Wonder stuff album was ‘Hup’. Just browsing through the track listing it is difficult to pick out any filler but maybe it’s just the fog of my lolloping youth that makes ‘Cartoon Boyfriend’, ‘Piece of Sky’ and ‘Can’t Shape Up’ feel like a never ending party. A party that is about as relevant as Joe Bloggs jeans at this stage but there were always something adorable about the sub 3-minute gems that Miles Hunt and his posse created. Despite an acrimonious break up in the mid-nineties the Wonder Stuff reformed in the early part of this century. They even recorded 2 new albums but I daren’t step within their vicinity, it’s one thing listening to an ego like Miles Hunt with a head full of curls but something altogether more distressing about the wiser and overly gelled version. Long live the eight legged groove machine I say. KD

The Wonder Stuff – Can’t Shape Up

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Year: 1989

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  1. October 27, 2007

    Oh don’t count out Miles Hunt! While I am utterly obsessed with the classic era Stuffies, I have to say, the modern idiot keeps crafting amazing songs. Miles’ first solo album was good, including the utterly heartbreaking and exquisite “Getting Over You.” His Wonder-themed next venture Escape from Rubbish Island was also good. And then came Suspended by Stars – a truly amazing, passionate, rhythmic return to form. And BAM! Miles meets violinist Erica Nockalls and drops “Not An Exit” – hands down the most brilliant album I’ve bought all year (rivaling In Rainbows). An urgent whirlwind of monster hooks and biting lyrics. Long live Miles and all his Stuff.

  2. October 27, 2007

    Thanks Keith for that brill summation of latter day Hunt. I am certainly convinced by your argument and intend to check out forthwith!

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