Kni9hts – Day Of The Dove

Oh no you say, not another indie take on Baltic music that became so de rigour for a time last year. Thankfully, before you can say Tallinn those initial impressions are pushed to the side by the bright-eyed movements of Manchester’s Kni9hts. Still unsigned but displaying an uncanny knack for dreamy harmonies this is an act with most of the essentials to succeed. The most obvious drawback could be that awful name, I’ve already misspelled it about a dozen times in this short paragraph alone (i was never good at texting). Moniker aside ‘Day of the Dove’ is a lush reminder of the power of a winning chorus with Carlo Briffa’s vocals picking up where Ride’s Mark Gardner left off. The angular chords give the tune that extra cinematic feeling, something that close neighbours Doves would be proud to call their own. In fact, like Doves, Kni9hts could yet become the football fans’ favourite new band after a recent appearance on MUTV. KD

Kni9hts – Day Of The Dove

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Year: 2007

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  1. Anonymous
    October 9, 2007

    Hey,I am really digging this Kni9hts track. Another band I’ve recently discovered that I think you might like is White Shoes and the Couples Company. You can download their songs at

  2. October 9, 2007

    Cheers Anon, I’ve been prancing around my sitting room to ‘Tentanng Cita’ for weeks now so there’ll be a review on the way soon!

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