Medicine – One More


Remember this song is over 9 minutes long so don’t be giving up the ghost after the opening minutes of strung out guitar feedback. Sure there are some industrial strength waves of screeching chords present throughout but beneath the mayhem there is a living and breathing tune. Brad Laner was responsible for the terrific racket but he took his inspiration from several European shoegazing outfits (most especially My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus & Mary Chain, if one could ever label the latter a shoegaze entity). ‘One More’ was the cataclysmic opener on Medicine’s debut album ‘Shot Forth Self Living’ and it will probably be a case of love or hate for most people. Give it a go on the morning commute and see how your day transforms from the humdrum to the remarkably invigorating. Even at the height of their fame Medicine were virtual unknowns but at least they are guaranteed a never ending audience after their inclusion on the soundtrack to the gothic masterpiece ‘The Crow’. Take one of these at regular intervals, it may even make you feel like the Stereophonics never existed. KD

Medicine – One More

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