The Bees – These Are The Ghosts

Despite some frequent usage on big name adverts the Bees from the Isle of Wight remain curiously unheard of. It’s a mystery really as the collective produce a user-friendly line in sixties memorabilia. Their latest album ‘Octopus’ came out earlier this year but despite a raft of critical applause has remained distinctly under the radar. Perhaps their Christmas tour with Madness in December will change all that. What a house of fun that will be. ‘These Are The Ghosts’ is taken from their middle album ‘Free The Bees’ which was appropriately recorded at Abbey Road Studios. It features all the components that should turn you on to the Bees. Honeyed (!) harmonies, psychedelic instrumentation and a slightly bare cupboard production style applies context for an era the band so obviously wish to recreate. Buy their albums and treat yourself to more of their tricks. KD

The Bees – These Are The Ghosts

Watch The Video To Wash In The Rain

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Year: 2004

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