You're Only Massive – Sugar Shake The Cool Away

This could so easily have fallen off the assembly line of Sesame Street songs that didn’t quite make the cut. Or, since these 2 ladies are from Waterford perhaps it would have been more appropriate as an entry in Bosco’s catalogue of lost songs. ‘Sugar Shake The Cool Away’ is near infantile but with those accents mixed in with what sounds like the lite version of fruity loops the result is a genuinely quirky treat. Maebh and Megan are undoubtedly lasses about town and ‘Sugar Shake The Cool Away’ is a gentle hopscotch through a lively evening with the pair. Could be an interesting journey for You’re Only Massive and one that could ultimately lead them to the magic door of success. KD

You’re Only Massive – Sugar Shake The Cool Away

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Year: 2007

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