Cass McCombs – Deseret

In general I don’t like raking over old ground, unless they are particularly special I tend not to focus on the same artist more than once. Periodically however I find myself returning to musicians like Cass McCombs. There is something so intrinsically interesting about the music he makes, in fact from record to record he almost sounds like a different talent. His latest opus and third album is ‘Dropping The Writ’ marks another impressive notch on a bedpost that has taken a battering since his first EP appeared 4 years ago. Since then McCombs has shuffled his backroom staff as well as his record labels but the heave-ho has if anything lead to greater works of art. ‘Deseret’ is a choice cut from the new LP, the rambling harmonies and bumbling instrumentation may take a few listens to work their magic but once sown the resultant harvest is close to PREfection. KD

Cass McCombs – Deseret

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Year: 2007

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