Clare & The Reasons – Pluto

I surprise myself sometimes, no more so than when I fell for this oddly compelling piece of music from Clare & The Reasons. ‘Pluto’, quite accurately named as it comes from another planet, it also trips across several genres but is an instantly likable piece of quirk. Clare is married to Oliver Manchon and together with 4 others they make up Clare & The Reasons. ‘Pluto’ is taken from their debut album ‘The Movie’. It is out of time but never out of sorts as the sideshows that make up the full audio picture are elaborately constructed. Add in Manchon’s utterly distinctive voice, childlike yet given to skilled refrains, and you have a blueprint that is quite apart from anything else out there at the moment. KD

Clare & The Reasons – Pluto

Watch The Video To Under The Water

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Year: 2007

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