Liam Finn – Second Chance

Liam Finn has certainly made his opinion known on the state of the compact disc. When it comes to his debut solo album ‘I’ll Be Lightning’ for the price of a CD you get 14 tracks, for the price of that seemingly extinct but rapidly returning medium vinyl you can get 19 tracks and if like many you are now purchasing your audio kicks on the internet you can chose from 19 downloads. So fingers up to the shiny silver disc that for so long picked the locks of our collective purse strings, it seems your days in the Monaco sun are fast diminishing. Before all that though you better first establish whether your Liam Finn purchase is worth it. Well, this little beaut (New Zealander you see!) should give you some decision making fuel. Finn’s falsetto may be a hindrance to a few but when allied with the plushest of strings it comes across as knock down gorgeous. Finn as a solo artist wasn’t the way it always was, in fact ‘I’ll Be Lightning’ may only prove to be a nixer away from his main job with Betchadupa. Oh yeah, young Liamo also happens to be the son of one Neil Finn of Crowded House. So don’t even dream it’s over if ‘I’ll Be Lightning’ doesn’t work out. KD

Liam Finn – Second Chance

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Year: 2007

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  1. Anonymous
    November 20, 2007

    Love him

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