Ringo Deathstarr – Down On You

The inexorable rebirth of shoegaze (or neugaze if you’re into your contemporarism’s) continues apace with the emergence of SVC group Ringo Deathstarr. And it’s all building up a head of steam for the return of the gods of the scene My Bloody Valentine. Yep, it seems as if Mr Shields has finally decided to record the follow up to ‘Loveless’. The fact that it could be made up of songs that were recorded way back when hardly seems to matter given the desert thirst for new material from the Dublin band. In the meantime acts like Ringo Deathstarr will do just fine, in fact they’ll do just dandy. The Austin band come bearing a double pronged assault of shoegaze influences (the aforementioned MBV and the Jesus & Mary Chain). Just listening to their debut EP approximates the act of lifting the side hatch on a working delorean and fizzing back to the summer of 1991. Tracks like ‘Down On You’ boast a mesmerising tumble drier of molten guitars and a balmy sirocco of dreamy vocals. This is music to lose yourself in, close your eyes, here comes Michael J. KD

Ringo Deathstarr – Down On You

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Year: 2007

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