The Apples In Stereo – 7 Stars

The Apples In Stereo seem to have been with us for ever (well I guess 1992 is for ever for most 15 year olds). Must admit I’ve never sat down and fully listened to any of their 6 albums yet whenever I come across any of their tracks it warms me up inside. In fact ‘She’s Just Like Me / Taking Time’ from their debut ‘Fun Trick Noisemaker’ is probably one my favourite songs. So I was delighted to hear Robert Schneider & Co. were releasing an album in 2007, with a more focused blogger head on me I could surely surmount the pleasureable task of getting through ‘Small Magnetic Wonder’. Hooray I said as the CD spun to gather some pretty meagre data on the LCD display. Up popped 25, a CD inlay card was quickly glanced upon and it soon became apparent that Simian Records were gonna get their money’s worth (Lord of the Rings style). Flip this for a tin of biscuits I quickly muttered and clicked to unlucky track 13. As it happens it turned out to be a bundle of energy and was inspirational enough to have me promising to have all 25 tracks conquered by the time my unborn children go to University. This band really deserve better fans, or at least less ADDled ones. KD

The Apples In Stereo – 7 Stars

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Year: 2007

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