Vampire Weekend – Mansard Roof

Funny, falling in love with this tune didn’t find me doing the usual web search to discover who Vampire Weekend were. Instead, off I rushed to reveal the mystery of what the hell a mansard roof was. For those of the same persuasion I present the very disappointing explanation as culled from Wikipedia; ‘is a type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls’. Ok, hardly rock n’ roll (hip roof though it may be) but we’ll forgive them given that ‘Mansard Roof’ is a delightful listen. Ezra Koenig’s vocals set the scene wonderfully and in their wake follow all manner of flighty beats and extraterrestrial blips and flashes. Vampire Weekend are certainly an interesting prospect, they have a quirky affiliation with south African rhythms, which comes as a surprise given that the 4-piece were born and bred in New York. The bands self titled debut album is out now, at the very least it’ll allow you to brush up on your architecture. KD

Vampire Weekend – Mansard Roof

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Year: 2007

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