Iain Archer – Little Drummer Boy

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If you’ve been reading the piece on what the indie bands regard as their favourite Christmas song ‘Little Drummer Boy’ comes out pretty much on top. The preferred version is the sanitised but totally wholesome Bing Crosby and David Bowie singalong. There have been others though that are also worth checking, namely the Dandy Warhols souped up boy racer take which appeared on the ‘It’s A Cool Cool Christmas’ compilation. Iain Archer has also thrown his hat into the ring with this understated reading. Save for the sweet acoustics and a hint of harmonium Archer’s voice is left to its own delicate devices to tackle the task. The result is a softly focused and gentle rustle that’ll entrance for years to come. It’s taken from the seasonally maladjusted Izumi Records collection ‘It’s Not Like Christmas’. KD

Iain Archer – Little Drummer Boy

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Year: 2006

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