The Shackeltons – Your Movement

This reminds me of a band called Wilderness who appeared here earlier this year but who have since disappeared without trace. Pity, I kinda fell for their ambitious sound. On the upside at least there are new kids like the Shackeltons to fill the gap vacated. Their self-titled debut is on the way in the New Year but they’ve already made an impression with this single. What is most striking about ‘Your Movement’ is the ferocity in Mark Redding’s voice, which is more than a match for the stomping guitars. The Shackeltons come fitted with 2 guitarists so when they are playing at full tilt the noise is close to unstoppable. Of course all of this posturing counts for nowt if the tune isn’t up to scratch so it is a quite a relief when the Pennsylvania natives let the melodies drift in on occasion. You see behind the Antarctic abrasiveness lies a field of unruffled daisies. It’s going to be an exciting expedition for them (and us). KD

The Shackeltons – Your Movement

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Year: 2007

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  1. Anonymous
    December 13, 2007

    i love this band! your site rules!big big love from chambersburg, pa.yours,madeline

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