Irene – Christmas On The Beach

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In 2005 Labrador gave us the distinctly unseasonal yet fabulously attired ‘Hanging In A Tie’ from South Ambulance as a Christmas gift. Last year they served up this feast for our winter delectation (no word yet on this year’s pressie but I’m all ears). ‘Christmas On The Beach’ from Sweden’s Irene clocks in at less than 2 minutes but don’t let its brevity lull you into any sense of possible short-changedness for it is a glorious 104 seconds replete with reindeer bells and utter joy to the world. Tobias Isaksson (Bobby) runs the good ship Irene and his vocals create a unique vibe, sort-of deadpan yet entirely serious. ‘Christmas On The Beach’ should be equally at home in both Lahinch and Bondi this December. KD

Irene – Christmas On The Beach

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Year: 2006

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