The Go! Team – Patricia's Moving Picture

The Go! Team sound is a unique one, a couple of seconds are all that is required before a smile is beaming across your face. Because that is what the Brighton collective (who incidentally started out as sole trader in Ian Parton) are all about, making music that is as vibrant as Santa’s workshop the day before Christmas Eve. The Go! Team’s debut arrived 3 years ago and its heady mix of samples and riotous energy sucker punched anyone who heard it. Fast-forward to 2007 and the Go! Team are a burgeoning industry with a sackful of members and a stage show to match the effervescent sounds. Not an awful lot has changed from ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ with ‘Proof Of Life’ grabbing life by the same gonads and leaping eyes-open over the edge. Samples are still a go-go like on this delicious instrumental, which contains elements of Alfredo Ricardo Do Nascimento’s ‘Mulher Rendeira’. ‘Patricia’s Moving Picture’ is as tender as a bolt of lightning wrapped in several layers of fluffy cloud. In other words it is quite unlike anything else on this planet save for a couple dozen other Go! Team tracks. If this wasn’t music it would be an illegal substance. KD

The Go! Team – Patricia’s Moving Picture

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Year: 2007

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