Eluvium – Etude de Multiples

There is a song by Sufjan Stevens from his ‘Greetings From Michigan’ LP called ‘Redford (for Yia-Yia and Pappou)’ which is played entirely on the piano (some slight synth backing too). It gets me every time which is rare for a piece so quiet as I normally prefer the up tempo sort. So on the face of it Eluvium shouldn’t stand a chance but Matthew Cooper ain’t just your normal ivory tinkler. In fact it seems entirely appropriate that his ambient landscapes should be corralled into the same pen that contains melodic noise merchants Explosions In The Sky. They are currently in the middle of a Northern/Southern Hemisphere tour together and tonight they arrive in Dublin. The audience may be primarily chasing EITS’s sonic lightning but I’m sure by the close they will be taking some Eluvium away with them. ‘Etude de Multiples’ is as far as I know an unreleased track from Cooper but much like the Stevens piece mentioned above it is a thing of quiet beauty. KD

Eluvium – Etude de Multiples

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Year: 2007

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