Faunts – Of Nature

Isn’t it funny how I can fall heads over hells for this and then in the same breath discount Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ (and that Thom Yorke solo sideshow) as criminally boring. Get back to what you do best lads, I promise I’ll be here waiting for you when you do. Faunts unmistakeably take some hints from the Oxford heads descent into electronic fidgeting but do so with such style the comparison is quickly forgotten. ‘Of Nature’ is the most effervescent track from the Edmonton natives current EP ‘M4’ which has already seen some action on the soundtrack to the Xbox game ‘Mass Effect’ (‘M4 Part II’). Hard to believe it stretches to over 8 minutes, as ‘Of Nature’ never outstays its welcome. Buried beneath the artificial heartbeats there is a storm of human emotions waiting to burst out and towards the end that’s just what they do spectacularly. Faunts sophomore LP is due in the summer. KD

Faunts – Of Nature

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Year: 2007

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