The Boo Radleys – I Hang Suspended

Listening to ‘Wake Up Boo’ and the opening sequences of ‘I Hang Suspended’ just highlights the chasm between the Boo Radleys pop flourishes and their equally enjoyable experimental alter ego. The latter was given free reign on the Boo’s 1993 masterpiece ‘Giant Steps’. Here was a heretofore shoegaze/lo-fi indie outfit completely kicking out the jams and going for broke. The spectacular success of what was achieved owes much to Martin Carr’s pristine writing and lead singer Sice’s crystal vocals. The playing for its part is ingenious, employing a vast array of instruments to add fluidity to passages of music that has no right to be so digestible. Carr’s gift for melody could in other hands have made the Boo Radleys a lot of money, instead he punctuated the sweetest audio with experimental left field outbursts that had audiophiles in raptures. ‘Giant Steps’ hasn’t a solitary weakness so with that in mind I am going to dispense with my normal one track per post rule. Fall in love with this music and Pale Saints fans stretch out your ears for the lush Meriel Barham on ‘Rodney King’. KD

The Boo Radleys – I Hang Suspended

The Boo Radleys – Rodney King (Song For Lenny Bruce)

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Year: 1993

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  1. January 31, 2008

    I hang suspended is classic. I’m never sure which I like better the Learing to Walk compilation or Giant Steps, both are boss.

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