Sa Sevol – An Easy Promise

Sa Sevol isn’t just another sonic manifestation giving an album away for free. Rather it is a mysterious concoction ripe for speculation and one that occupies a unique musical genre that has yet to be explored. Scour the furthest reaches of the information superhighway and you’ll come back with little or nothing about him/her/it/them. So in a bold and slightly risky manoeuvre hugger attempted to track down Sa Sevol by blasting several probes masquerading as weakly conceived questions into (my) space. A bit later as the lights began to flicker and a couple of tea cups rattled uncontrollably an inbox was giddily clicked. That’s right folks; we had made contact……KD

hugger: To your fans and friends you appear a very mysterious figure. Do you really exist and if so in what form?

sa sevol: There really is nothing at all mysterious about me or anyone else associated with Sa Sevol. We just don’t fully believe in our own identities & we would never be comfortable perpetuating what may very well be lies or even half-truths. Thus we keep relatively quiet with our heads down. We do exist in flesh, blood & various other oddly named constituents.

h: In your opinion how would success for Sa Sevol manifest itself?

ss: Very carefully & slowly, one piece at a time.

h: Who are your influences, be they human or extra-terrestrial?

ss: The New York Times, Krzysztof Kieslowski, James Joyce, Baphomet, Herbert Crowley, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Flannery O’ Connor, Eno, of course. There may be some extra-terrestrials in there.

h: Are you annoyed that Radiohead stole your idea about giving the album away for free? Will you be suing them? Do you genuinely hate fake plastic trees?

ss: I’m more annoyed that Radiohead kidnapped my parents. While I miss them, I’m not generally litigious. Bygones. Furthermore, I hate nothing.

h: You’ve trained a big crow to alight onto your hand and you also claim to have been to several countries over the last 2 years. Are you in fact part of a travelling circus troupe?

ss: I’ve trained what? I AM the crow.

Sa Sevol – An Easy Promise

More Info: Official & Myspace
Free Songs: Sa Sevol
Year: 2008

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