Sonny J – Can't Stop Moving

And how did this escape the evil clutches of every chart known to man? Hard to comprehend actually but then I guess the Go! Team still remain relatively ostracised from Joe public. Sonny J is shrouded in mystery, suffice as to say that he is a one-man troupe from Liverpool with an album called ‘Disastro’ on the way in March. There is more than a hint of the Michael Jackson’s in the vocals but one can never be sure whether it is he or not (it is not). ‘Can’t Stop Music’ is unashamedly boisterous, heavily redolent of the seventies but with sample-istic noughties appreciation. If it weren’t the 2nd of January this could quite well have been the perfect anthem for New Year’s Eve (or perhaps the 1st of April?). Watch out for the video too (link below) which is pretty much as chaotic and wholesome as you’d expect. Sonny J real estate should be appreciating in value quite a bit in 2008. KD

Sonny J – Can’t Stop Moving

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Year: 2007

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  1. Anonymous
    January 2, 2008

    I don’t wanna be all “if-it’s-more-than-ten-secs-old-it’s-not-worth-listening-to” but I feel like I need to say that this song has been played on Swedish radio (quite frequently) since October. so for some people it might as well been a new years eve-anthem. great song.

  2. January 2, 2008

    Get your drift anon, just I hadn’t heard this song until early today so lost the run of myself (as usual). Here’s to 12am, 2009!

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