The Coletranes – Wake Up

This song is from an impossibly long time ago (17 years ago in fact). I can remember the video quite clearly, which was awash with grainy images of kids jumping up and down in their Jack Charlton t-shirts (the World Cup had the previous year come to Ireland for the 1st time). The Coletranes were later to become Revelino, an inspired outfit who melded melodious riffs with Beatles sensibilities. They have since departed although some of its members are still playing music in a wedding band (I tried to scoop them for my nuptials last year). ‘Wake Up’ is so simple I often wonder why it has never been covered or at least procured for a Tarantino ear cutting scene. The chord progression is obvious but never dull and you can hear how Brendan Tallon was honing those harmonies that would serve him and the band so well in Revelino. Thanks to G from the excellent Box Set Go for ripping this from what was sounds like a half chewed dusty cassette tape. KD

The Coletranes – Wake Up

More Info: More details Brendan if you’re reading this
Year: 1991

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  1. May 1, 2008

    Wow,I played bass on this. I gave my copy of it to a friend going back to the states in 1992. Thanks for putting it up here…. takes me waaaaaaay back.Ian.

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