The Winston Jazz Routine – 7/29

Funny for a band as awkwardly named as the Winston Jazz Routine that they should make the simplest of music. Simple and slight if one was to be harsh but despite a small turnover of ideas (albeit very good ones) WJR songs can’t help but affect. Their most acclaimed composition ‘A Ghost Beneath The Tower’ is undoubtedly pretty but I can’t escape the feeling that it is a tad too stretched at 4:38. To these ears they sound like Death Cab For Cutie fronted by Jonsi from Sigur Ros and Nashville’s Nathan Phillips does offer an altogether gentle experience. You can hear it on ‘7/29’, music so delicate it appears like a threatened snowflake in the strong morning sunlight. The piano and wholesome vocals form the centrepiece but it’s likely that you’ll be drifting in your own thoughts before you can do further analysis. Sospiri is defined as the act of or the sound of sighing; it is also what WJR chose as a title for their current album. Say no more. KD

The Winston Jazz Routine – 7/29

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Year: 2007

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