Electric Penguins – Soft Landing

It is surprising given their alarming brilliance that we haven’t heard more about Electric Penguins. Back home in Dublin the group may as well be from East Java considering the amount of fuss that is made of them. Ah well, perhaps they prefer it that way, gives them more time to tinker with their rust ridden instruments. You see the trio are obsessed by the junkyard yet precious vehicles of electro making noises the Mellotron, the Moog and the incomparable Farfisa (remember them Inspiral Carpets). With these base ingredients and Mark Cummins’ singing Electric Penguins fashioned a stellar debut in 2006 that was cheekily named ‘Goodbye To The Electric Penguins’. There are nods to Air and Kraftwerk yet Electric Penguins give the impression that there’s more to them than mere revivalists on tracks like ‘Soft Landing’. Bedded on a layer of acoustics, late sixties vocal representations ‘Soft Landing’ sounds like a drug free Clinic after their surgical masks were removed. Organ donations required. KD

Electric Penguins – Soft Landing

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Year: 2006

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