Fort Minor – Kenji

I’ve got to be honest I know absolutely zip about hip-hop or rap, in fact I’m not sure I even know what the difference is. Of course I got in on the Beastie Boys circa ‘Ill Communication’ and the Streets imperious second album ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ is something I often return to but apart from ‘Stan’ that is my only contact. I heard ‘Kenji’ quite by chance, during one of those aimless shuffling sessions where any one of a couple of thousand tracks could end up playing. As soon as it had run its course though I found myself replaying it several times to try and absorb every word that had been sung. ‘Kenji’ is an emotive piece of music, instrumentally attractive and lyrically innovative and slick it will stay with you long after it has stopped playing. It is the work of Mike Shinoda as Fort Minor, a side project of his away from his main band Linkin Park. KD

Fort Minor – Kenji

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Year: 2005

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  1. Anonymous
    June 2, 2008

    ya, this sing is good, cept some of the rhymes feel forced but w.e

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