Mansun – Wide Open Space

For a while in the mid nineties it seemed that Mansun could devour the world. They had a carefully cultivated image, wrote intelligent p-opuses and had the critics deep inside their pockets yet they never quite cracked it. Perhaps it didn’t help that the monolith known as Oasis stalked the earth during their most creative spells, who needs a Chad that loves you when you could just as easily do it with a doctor in a helicopter? For all of Mansun’s dramatic endeavour’s it was their periodic bows to accessibility like on ‘Wide Open Space’ that they will be best remembered for. ‘Wide Open Space’ even came complete with several dishy makeovers which in those hugely bleeptastic times was an essential move. Mansun called it a day in 2003 but have over the last while been spilling their grand discography in the shape of free downloads from their myspace page. See for yourself what a fine legacy they have left us. KD

Mansun – Wide Open Space

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Year: 1996

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