In Tua Nua – All I Wanted

Sexy and 80’s Ireland aren’t constructs you’re likely to see too often in a sentence together. The country was a desolate place, rife with unemployment and politicians with a penchant for feathering their own nests. Enter Leslie Dowdall and In Tua Nua (Irish for ‘A New Tribe’) and things started to look up. In Tua Nua were a distinctly Irish pop band who flew close but never quite achieved success outside of their home territory. Dowdall’s performance at the otherwise drab Self-Aid concert from 1985 is a fond memory. In Tua Nua had some fine singles, a strong pedigree (Steve Wickham, later of the Waterboys was a founding member and Sinead O’Connor co-wrote the one of the bands early singles ‘Take My Hand’) and a sound that could only have come from here. ‘All I Wanted’ was taken from their most successful album ‘The Long Acre’ and still packs a punch through its singalong chorus and the dancing at the crossroads instrumentation. KD

In Tua Nua – All I Wanted

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Year: 1988

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