Springfactory – Get Out Of Bed

If I told you this band contained Peter Gunnarson from Suburban Kids With Biblical Names would it make you love them more? Peter has been leading a double life you see, with his girlfriend Lina Cullemark he has busying himself with Springfactory the fruit of which can be heard on their eponymous release on Series Two records which gathers the bands early EP’s together. Sounds like it must be a lot of fun to be in Springfactory, their music is uniformly light, airy and full of matters that are unlikely to give you grey hairs. ‘Get Out Of Bed’ could become a student anthem or alternatively map said organisms’ daily activities in less than two minutes of brilliant indie pop. The Charlatans spoke similarly in the early days (remember that single?) but they never exuded such an enthusastic lust for life from the confines of their warm duvets. KD

Springfactory – Get Out Of Bed

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Year: 2007

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