Little Big Adventure – I Want To Be A Villian Too

If I drove a car then this would be the sort of music that would blare from its mono speakers. It’s just not possible to fall into a bout of unseemly road rage with spiralling electro nodes filling your ears with smiley thoughts. For that is what ‘I Want to Be a Villain Too’ specialises in, sophisticated lounge music for people on the move even if movement is achieved through peddling. Little Big Adventure doesn’t let the finer details of his existence slip out too easily but return trips to his web spaces are rewarded by the arrival of new songs to download gratis. His myspace profile has had 468 reads, a remarkable statistic given the quality of the goods offer. Anonymity made all the more confusing by the existence of another Swedish outfit of the same name. Arggghh, play my calming ‘I Want to Be a Villain Too’ play. KD

Little Big Adventure – I Want To Be A Villian Too

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Little Big Adventure (no need they’re free)
Year: 2007

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