Clovis – Mundo

Big thumbs up to Blue Orange Records for gathering a stellar collection of bands from around the globe and putting them on the wonderful collection called ‘Come Tomorrow’. The best thing is that the sampler is completely free to download. I can safely say that I have never heard of any of the 11 participants so I was like a bee hovering over a lid free jar of honey as I scanned the fare on offer. Many of the tunes have a neat DIY feel and there is an overwhelming sense of tweeness at work. Electronic bleeps and fey vocals are a proposition that still finds favour with these crumpled ears you see. Think of it as a United Nations made up of a hybrid of Bis/Data Panik. The tune that stood out immediately was ‘Mundo’ from the Madrid duo Clovis. Fino Oyonarte and Cristina Plaza may strike a lighter shade of My Bloody Valentine but that doesn’t mean that they sound in any way diluted. Actually it is so charming I may play it until the mp3 begins to sound like worn out vinyl with all its signature skips and scratches. KD

Clovis – Mundo

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Year: 2008 (originally 2005)

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