Say Hi – Toil And Trouble

He’s finally ditched his Mom and by the cut of his 5th album ‘The Wishes and the Glitch’ he has also grown up a bit, maturity it seems has well and truly taken hold. This newfound descent into adulthood could potentially be a dangerous turn of events given the innocent thrills and spills that Eric Elbogen has supplied us with for the last 6 years. Thankfully a wiser head has left this man with a tighter grasp on what the dynamics are to craft a memorable tune. We’ve already fallen for bass heavy gallop of ‘Northwestern Girls‘ and now it’s time to readjust our headphones to absorb what ‘Toil and Trouble’ has to offer. Quite a bit as it happens, it is a ragged piece of pop that skids from A to B before arriving at destination unknown (in a Say Hi sense at least). Horizons have been expanded and the view is rather fetching. KD

Say Hi – Toil And Trouble

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Year: 2008

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