Sugar – Come Around

I can still remember the disappointment I felt with Sugar’s follow up to their debut ‘Copper Blue’. ‘Beaster’ may only have been an EP but after the pop majesty of ‘A Good Idea‘, ‘Changes’ and ‘If I Can’t Change You Mind’ it all seemed so harsh (the EP was actually made up of outtakes and leftovers from the ‘Copper Blue’ recording sessions). Thinking back though it wasn’t quite that bad, in fact ‘Walking Away’ and ‘Come Around’ stack up favourably with the highlights from ‘Copper Blue’. Funny that because ‘Come Around’ is just a maze of churning chords with Bob Mould mouthing in a near meditative style. The combination works well though and like me you’ll likely be replaying it over and over to once again bask in the ocean of grungey noise. Bob Mould’s 7th solo album ‘District Line’ is out now. KD

Sugar – Come Around

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Year: 1993

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  1. February 13, 2008

    How bizarre only two or three weeks ago I dusted off my copy of Copper Blue. First time its been played this millenium, some wonderful tracks.Well done for bringing the music back!!

  2. February 13, 2008

    My copy is of the cassette tape variety so it shows how old we both are!

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