Brad Laner – Out Cold

Not really a song, more an aural texture, something you could see being used to maximum effect in a car advert. And it comes from an unexpected source, namely the man who propelled those nineties noiseniks Medicine. Perhaps time has rounded those rough edges but as any Medicine fan would probably testify there was always a fine tune beneath the squalls of crawling guitars. ‘Out Cold’ is a foray to the land of electronica so perhaps recent collaborations with Dan Snaith of Caribou have somewhat rubbed off. The song is awash with soft fragrances but has a pleasing sense of adventure that means it has the wherewithal to meander down corridors that are bedecked in colourful canvasses. What a lovely change of direction, something sweet to make the medicine go down you might say. KD

Brad Laner – Out Cold

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Year: 2007

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