Dog Day – Sleeping, Waiting

Seth Smith is the quintessential indie hero. Toiling away at his day job he recorded a CDR and made the grand gesture of burning off a run of 15 copies. Remarkably some of the songs fell into the adoring laps of the right people and pretty soon the CDR was being officially distributed as the ‘Thank You’ EP. Fast forward a couple of years to 2007 and Smith and chums, collectively known as Dog Day, see their debut LP ‘Night Group’ released to widespread acclaim. It is easy to see why when you catch a few minutes of the Nova Scotia quartet’s stock of lovable audio vignettes. I mean by now ‘Sleeping, Waiting’ has probably swept you off your feet. It’s shorter than most clocking in at less than 2 minutes but when a band plays this fast they tend to fit a lot in over a short time. Fuzzy and brash it may be but at certain junctures ‘Sleeping, Waiting’ is clinical in its distillation of the classic indie sound. KD

Dog Day – Sleeping, Waiting

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Year: 2007

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  1. March 9, 2008

    Nice work on the Dog Day, I’m really glad to see word is spreading on such a great band. Just saw them again last night… get to a show if you can.

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