Second-Hand Furniture – Nice Try Sunshine

You gotta love this Swedish band Second-Hand Furniture, as much for their music as their carefree nature. On recording their debut EP in 2003 they promptly gave all 100 copies of it away free to indiepop-lovers. Needless to say Second-Hand Furniture’s time together was over in the blink of an eye but not before they recorded another EP and several unreleased tracks. The good news is that hip Peruvian label Plastilina Records have gathered all the recordings together on one retrospective ‘Game, Set, Match”¦’. That’s where you’ll find the twee pop glory of ‘Nice Try Sunshine’. With appropriately lo-fi production it nonetheless highlights the quirky cool of singer Miralda Madar Johansson. A voice like that is always going to grab the attention and the fact that it’s backed up by a coterie of ramshackle instrumentation makes it all the more endearing. KD

Second-Hand Furniture – Nice Try Sunshine

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Year: 2003

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