The M's – Future Women

Thems a good band, thems are. Oh sorry, forgot I’d been to school for a few years. The M’s are from Chicago and did what most respectable indie bands were doing in the early/mid section of this decade by having a tune on an episode of the OC. It’ll be interesting to see how rock history will treat such an achievement, perhaps it will be written with dollops of snark. The M’s have a neat view of the world, a world where the Kinks were the only band that mattered. ‘Future Women’ is a dedicated follower yet still sounds utterly fresh and contemporary. It may lose some of its wonder towards the finish but at that stage your pop receiving nodes should be more or less sated. The M’s third movement will be with us later this year or whenever that new series of Grey’s Anatomy gets aired. KD

The M’s – Future Women

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Year: 2006

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