Sigur Rós – Glosoli

The initial line-up for Ireland’s self-proclaimed boutique festival has just been announced. The Electric Picnic has been in existence for half a decade now and each year the plaudits get louder and louder. To date I have been convincing myself that I haven’t missed out (although not seeing the Arcade Fire’s 2005 appearance in front of a bunch of freckled faces does irk). So it has taken an event of momentous proportions to knock me from my self-imposed festival slumber. The occasion in question is the reconvening of shoegaze gods My Bloody Valentine, the band that brought us one of the albums of the nineties in ‘Loveless’. The danger is that it could all go wrong, what happens if Kevin Shields reappears sans bushy mop with a shiny pole instead? Worse still what if the music that has soundtracked so many great nights since 1992 dies a death in a field in the midlands? Guess we’ll have hope that their direct descendants Sigur Ros can pick up the slack. KD

Sigur Rós – Glosoli

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Year: 2005

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  1. March 30, 2008

    Kevin Shields was seated directly behind me at the Royal Festival Hall last summer during the JAMC gig.. His hair was fine so that’s all taken care of but I do share your worries about the music.. we’ll just see I guess!

  2. March 30, 2008

    Thanks h.r., June 20th seems to be the first comeback date so we’ll be hearing about the music soon enough.

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