The 1900s – Aculiplantar Dude

Not sure if it still holds true now but from memory the worst insult that you could get from a girl you fancied was for her to label you ‘nice’. Nice being as safe and downright dull a description that could possibly be ever hoisted on a young buck looking for a peck on the cheek. Hearing those 4 letters and your name together in one sentence more often than not meant that the writing was on the wall and love was inevitably not going to be in the air. So how come then that the only word that spins round my head when I hear ‘Aculiplantar Dude’ starts with an n and ends with e. The 1990s are not to be confused (believe me I was) with their Glaswegian namesakes, for one thing they have at least 4 more members and come from the less windy environs of Chicago (!). Their debut ‘Cold & Kind’ is flush with airy numbers like ‘Aculiplantar Dude’, who cares if nobody understands what they are singing about when lush harmonies populate the environment like pollen on the hottest day in summer. Sometimes I guess it’s nice to be nice. KD

The 1900s – Aculiplantar Dude

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Year: 2007

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