Oxford Collapse – Let's Vanish

For some reason the immaculately turned out third outing from Brooklyn’s Oxford Collapse failed to make the impression the songs it carried deserved. It’s hard to reason why because ‘Remember The Night Parties’ flourished where so many have failed. In peering back to a time when guitars sparkled with shiny ambition your commoner gardener outfit can often get lost in recreating that retro feeling. But Oxford Collapse succeed in sounding familiar without ever losing their own voice which incidentally comes via Michael Pace and Adam Rizer. ‘Let’s Vanish’ is awash with shimmering chords and a bass line that the Ned’s would have been proud to call their own. Oxford Collapse’s time could yet come and with a new album scheduled for release this August it may be sooner rather than later. KD

Oxford Collapse – Let’s Vanish

Watch The Video To Please Visit Your National Parks

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Year: 2006

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