Empty Rooms – We've Been Waiting For You

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Going by this and I really hope it is indicative of their talent we could yet have a brand new Pale Saints on our hands. Empty Rooms are from San Francisco and may or not be aware that Gary Moore (once of Thin Lizzy) wrote a song of the same name. ‘Empty Rooms’ the song was dire but Empty Rooms the band are entirely brilliant. ‘We’ve Been Waiting For You’ starts out all hallucinogenically dream pop before turning completely instrumental about 4 minutes through in what sounds like the smoothest segues of the year. Interpol are probably as close a contemporary as you’ll get but Empty Rooms specialise in a finer sense of guitar shimmer and sport altogether sweeter vocals. The bands debut EP ‘Lacuna’ is out now and can be purchased directly from their myspace page. Who thought the theme tune to the Late Late could ever be coralled into sounding so cool? KD

Empty Rooms – We’ve Been Waiting For You

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Year: 2008

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