The Perishers – My Heart

Maybe I’d underestimated this Swedish band, first impressions had me bracketing them in a mainstream setting. The more I listened, however, the more I realised they had a deeper creative spark that could operate just as capably with an alternative audience. ‘My Heart’ comes from their second last LP ‘Let There Be Morning’ and has already featured on a car advert. Didn’t do the Velvet Underground any damage and a similar profile injection for the Perishers would surely see them rocket. ‘My Heart’ is low key and jangly, simplicity itself but about as easy to execute as a hole-in-one at St. Andrews. Seems like certain medical drama’s have recently taken a shine to them so jump aboard before granddad starts whistling their latest #1. KD

The Perishers – My Heart

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Year: 2003

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  1. April 20, 2008

    I had a similar experience with this band when I got their record. I listened to it for about a week, then forgot about it. Slowly it returned to my playlist and its now one of my favorites, especially this song. GREAT JOB!!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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