The New Year – Gasoline

This is great, a slow undertow of boiling tension as the frontman plays it straight for all he’s worth. But, for all the subdued antics there is about a million other things worth investigating. Thickets of jangling chords brighten up certain corners, frisky beats hang from high ceilings and a bass rumbles under floorboards hiding nasty secrets. ‘Gasoline’ is taken from the New Year’s 2001 debut album, which was produced by Steve Albini. Their conception came after the breakup of Bedhead in the late nineties but to date New Year records have been decidedly thin on the ground. A new album is planned for this September but this will only be their third LP in 9 years. Budda and Matt Kadane have been constants throughout and their vocals are responsible for much of the understated drama. KD

The New Year – Gasoline

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Year: 2001

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