The Story Of – After Just A While

Another week, another cherishable band from Austin, Texas. Must be the sun or SXSW‘s influence but that city really throws up more than it fair share of quality bands. And that’s where 5-piece The Story Of currently call home, a band without a label but with the conviction to self-release their own album ‘The World’s Affair’ last year. When the LP hits its stride like on ‘After Just A While’ you get to see what they are capable of. It is a multi-dimensional ditty with contrasting vocal turns and a beautifully uneven momentum. Nearly calls to mind the majestic Delgados after they’ve been sprinkled with a pinch or two of the Arcade Fire actually. A cursory glance around the internet reveals very little press about the band which is surprising given what they have to offer. Surely it is only a matter of time before the wires are hopping. KD

The Story Of – After Just A While

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Year: 2007

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