Young and Sexy – Conventional Lullabyes

Remember, not too long ago actually, when every time you heard a vibrant new band you discovered they came from North America, Canada to be precise. It may have cover a huge landmass but in terms of population there are quite a few relatively dwarf-like European countries that eclipse. It seems the Canadian Government wisely decided to invest in the Arts and the result was an explosion in stellar outfits (2005 being particularly impressive). Things have certainly slowed but every few weeks something interesting tends to appear from that neck of the woods. Young and Sexy are from Vancouver and have recorded 3 records since 2003, the latest of which ‘The Arc’ will appear next month. ‘Conventional Lullabyes’ is taken from 2006’s ‘Panic When You Find It’ and reveals the soft indie pop that they are capable of. Retro heeled, much like the Clientele, the dynamic boy/girl vocal interplay leads to several highs. If this had been a Shins record it would be all over the hype machine. KD

Young and Sexy – Conventional Lullabyes

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Year: 2006

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