The Octopus Project – I Saw The Bright Shinies

Had this been around in the late 1930’s it could well have provided a neat backdrop for any brightly coloured scenes involving munchkins and ruby slippers (it’s the theremin effect you see). But because we inhabit a different time altogether let’s just celebrate the wonder of the sound that Austin’s Octopus Project make. And the magic doesn’t end there, imagine calling your latest album ‘Hello, Avalanche’ and being signed to Peek-a-Boo Records! And the Octopus Project somehow encapsulate all the giddiness without a single trace of schmaltz. They may not specialise in the accommodation of words but this trio offer an alternate universe well worth investigating. On this evidence that old adage about there being no place like home doesn’t always ring true. KD

The Octopus Project – I Saw The Bright Shinies

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Year: 2007

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